Sage Title and Settlement Services, LLC
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Telephone: 973-722-6905
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Title Officers: 
Colleen M. Kingeter
Thomas "T.J." Kingeter

Our Services

Sage Title and Settlement Services, LLC,  offers to all of its clients the most efficient and expedient title services in the industry. With each title insurance order, you will receive forms for notices of settlement (with transmittal letter), mortgage payoff requests, lien satisfaction requests, and many other forms you may find helpful. Sage Title will forward your title insurance commitment to your lender and to sellers attorney upon your request. Sage also handles all search and document filing procedures, when title insurance is not necessary. 

We offer full real estate closing services, foreclosure search and filing services, preparation of title reports, etc. using the latest resources available today. 

If you elect to use Sage Title and Settlement Services, LLC as your closing/Settlement Agent, we will perform the following services, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO: 

1. Coordinate the closing with the mortgage lender/buyer/seller as applicable; 

2. Prepare all necessary documents, including HUD-1 and affidavits of title; 

3. Disburse all proceeds to the appropriate parties to insure that all existing liens and mortgages are properly removed; 

4. Insure that the closing was performed in accordance with the mortgage and title company's requirements; 

5. Record all of the new documents with the proper governmental agencies; 

6. Conduct all closing follow-ups through the issuance of the Title Insurance Policy(ies); 

7.  Handle all post closing issues – SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO!!